HORDES: Gargantuans Spoilers

On June 2, 2012 by steamforged

Well, Colossals is already old news (yeah right!).  But Privateer Press have already been leaking information regarding the next book – HORDES: Gargantuans (and a few more extra Warmachine bits!)

DISCLAIMER – All the information below is gathered from whipsers in the wind and secret notes passed around – as such it could/could not be true so take it with a pinch of salt!

  • New Bog Trog warlock incoming, named Rask
  • Bonegrinder Farrow Warlock is named Midas
  • “Swamp Shamblers” – Bog Trog Zombies
  • Lylyth3 will be an Epic Cavalry Battle Engine Warlock on a 120mm base – an Ulk-drawn bladed sleigh
  • The Hunters Grim – Warlock Unit, Grim Angus w/ 2 pygs
  • Makeda3 will be a warlock unit, Makeda with two Exalted Guardians
  • New Retribution unit will be infantry with ‘razorblades’; Eiryss3 will be their UA
  • Greylord Outriders – Khadoran light cavalry
  • Iron Fang Kovnik armed with an axe – precursor to an IF unit with axes?
  • Tempest Blazers – Gunmage light cavalry
  • Bane Riders – Bane Knight heavy cavalry
  • Intimated that there were light cavalry on the way for Protectorate and Mercenaries
  • Plastic Tharn kit – large bows made of stag horns, likely same kit will be used to make plastic Ravagers
  • Hordes: Gargantuans will be a “catching up” book, returning to multiple releases per book; expected Spring 2013 release
  • All Gargantuans and Colossals are planned to be released during 2012
  • Skorne Mammoth = ENORMOUS Titan

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