Vassal Warmachine Module 4.2 Sneak Peek

On April 14, 2012 by steamforged

Here at Steamforged we get some nice opportunities at times.  One of them was to have a little play with the upcoming Vassal Warmachine Module 4.2.

This update contains all the new scenarios for SR2012 including all overlays and deployment grids.  It also has a ton of new sprites – not just for the new models released in Wrath and Dominion but re-makes of existing sprites such as the Cygnar Stormclad.

Its a huge update and a lot of effort has gone in by Hobo to get this to where it is.

We made a short video to show some of the features off so you can have a tasty look around.  Release date is ‘soon’ and please remember this is a test version we are using – so it may differ in final result in the end!

Let us know in the comments below what you think of vassal – has it helped you in your tabletop games?  Does it let you test out models you plan to buy?

For now, enjoy:

8 Responses to “Vassal Warmachine Module 4.2 Sneak Peek”

  • Baffo

    Yaay!!! Can’t wait to field my Gun carriages with the proper sprites:)

  • azrael

    I wrote a couple of modules for arkham horror and found vassal very useful.
    When I started playing warmahordes it helped me get my head round a few details.
    I use it regularly to test out faction builds.
    This stops me from the buy everything approach I took to menoth.

    This means my skorne and everblight forces are more streamlined yet usable :)

    Thanks for the effort put into this gift to the community :)

  • Prophaniti

    This is looking very nice. I can’t help but agree with the reinforcement overlay. I was also hoping Hobo could release a module expansion with the extra sprites as they are released. (Well in a sensible sized batch anyway)

  • Gladmax

    I have to say I’ve never used Vassal to play myself, but I’ve watched a tonne of games played by others and really appreciate any improvements to the visuals.

  • blademirage

    really looking forward to some key retribution stuff get some nice new sprites, such as the Vyre ‘jacks
    and wishy too

  • munkeykungfu

    The updates do look very very nice indeed

  • DialFforFunky

    I’m very happy about all the new terrain features. There’s a lot of gorgeous new stuff there. This mod absolutely rocks.

  • Baffo

    For those that didn’t hear the news: Version 4.2 is now officially out, so everyone can get to play with the shiny new sprites on brand new Maps. Now that I had the chance to take a close look at the new maps and sprites I can say: Me happy:)

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